Yacht Management South Florida Inc

Yacht Management South Florida, Inc.: Great Full-Service Maintenance

Yacht Management South Florida Inc. – Yacht Care & Management Services

Yacht Management South Florida Inc. is a yacht service provider located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The company employs a host of highly trained professionals in mechanics, maintenance, captaining, crew management, divers, technicians, and other essential staff. The company provides storage services, repair and updating services, day trip assistance, and cruise assistance. The services that they provide are of the highest quality making them one of the leading yacht management company in the boating industry. They are able to service the Florida area as well as the Bahamas because of their location, their state of the art facilities, their highly trained and professional employees, and their focus and providing unmatchable service to their clients.

As a yacht care and management company, they make themselves responsible for a host of yacht management issues. They provide excellent maintenance and repair service at their boatyard where they have a repair center they call the Service Center. The Service Center is a repair center that has been authorized by most yacht brokers and manufacturers. They can complete mechanical and electrical repairs, as well as exterior and interior repairs. They even do customary work and additions such as entertainment systems.

Besides repairs, Yacht Management South Florida Inc. also makes themselves responsible for the logistics of being a yacht owner. They provide assistance with maintaining the finances of owning a yacht. They have accountants who help clients budget and be fiscally responsible when it comes to owning a yacht. They also provide logistic solutions for their traveling clients such as boat transportation and delivery and airport drop-off and pick-up.


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